Hair SOS

Evening All,

I know it's been a while since I've posted I know I have been slacking. This post is really to help me out and get some tips from fellow bloggers about how to achieve nice thick healthy hair. I have always dreamed of having lovely long thick hair however still haven't quite got there. I've tried shampoos that claim to thicken hair but nothing seems to work and the colossal amount of baby hair I have really doesn't help me either! I have been told that taking Biotin works but I'm guessing that's over a very long period of time (I am impatient haha), I'm sure that straightening my hair every other day isn't helping me either but I just can't stop! I'm always flicking through Instagram looking at pictures of girls with amazing hair and am so jealous!

So.. What have you all been using to keep your hair super healthy? Any ideas welcome :)

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  1. I've recently been avoiding using heat on my hair wherever possible, as well as not wearing makeup to give my skin a break! I'll normally only use heat on my hair 2 out of the 7 days and it's done wonders :) x

    Always, Alice