Clinique Clarifying Lotion

I haven't posted in a while I know .. I have been very busy! However I intend to make sure that I post weekly from now on as I have quite a few new beauty purchases to share my opinions on. I have recently come back from 2 weeks in Spain which I really really really didn't want to come back from, I had such a lovely time and the weather was amazing but I guess all good things come to an end and I have now had to come back to the absolute delight also known as England to sit at my desk watching the never ending rain. During my stay in Spain I raided the Spanish version of House of Fraser to see what I could find and the Clinique Clarifying Lotion happened to be on offer, so I thought why not. As I have quite oily skin I thought the best idea would be to go for the one for oily skin. When I first opened the bottle I found that the product has a very distinct smell of alcohol and was rather hesitant to be putting this on my face! I have used many different Clinique products before (mainly makeup) and have always been very impressed with the results. I applied some of the lotion to a cotton pad and smoothed it all over my face as the instructions say, I must say it did sting a little and I was quite unsure if this was a good sting or a bad sting. I have continued to use this product for a week or so daily and at the moment it seems to be drying my skin out slightly however I like to hope that after using this for a while longer my skin may get used to it, I do think maybe I should have purchased the one for Oily Combination skin so that it had the right balance so maybe next time that will be the one to buy.

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