Shaving or Epliating?

Evening All!

Sorry about slacking with the posts again, this evenings post is to gather some opinions on whether you all prefer epilating or shaving as both have their pro's and con's. About a year ago I purchased my Braun Silk Epil epilator, it was £60 or so at the time and I was so excited to use it (oh how I was in for a shock). I still remember the first time I used it, WORST pain I have ever felt in my life, it took me over an hour to do half a leg as I couldn't bare the burning pain! At the time I compared it to the level of pain I thought child birth would feel like haha, completing both legs felt like such an achievement and it was such a good feeling knowing after it was all done that the hair wouldn't grow back fully for a good 2 weeks, if not longer until such time as I would need to use the dreaded epilator again. I don't know many people that use epilators but as I have dark hair I feel it is a much more effective and saves having to shave every few days. For years I shaved my legs and got fed up of stubbly legs and having to shave so often, hair removal cream is way too expensive to keep using on your legs and I haven't quite manned up to waxing yet either.

So, The question is, what do you all do & what is best?
& For those that do epilate, any tips to stop it from hurting so much?!

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

Wow it really has been forever since my last post and for that I am incredibly sorry! I have had a very busy month or so, started a new job this week and as I am sure many of you will agree it tends to be a very stressful time! I can assure you that starting from this week I will do my absolute best to post 1-2 times a week! ..

Right well back to the beauty talk, I have recently purchased a new primer. I had never used any of GOSH Cosmetics products until I purchased this and they certainly have found themselves a new customer. I have used various other primers in the past and didn't think much of them however this one is fantastic. It is so light and non greasy, I have found that since using this product my makeup has had a much more flawless look as this really helps to minimise pores and blemishes and keep the complexion looking smooth and radiant. It has a clear consistency and applies so easily, I use a small amount of this daily prior to applying my foundation. So for any of you GOSH virgins out there I highly suggest you give this product a go and I can assure you that you'll be more than happy with its results!