Christmas Party!

Its just hit me how long it has been since I last posted. Too long! Thought I'd go for something a bit different with this post as its the festive period. On Saturday it was my works Christmas party so thought I'd share with you my outfit and makeup for the night! For once, my makeup actually went to plan and my hair cooperated with me. As you can see below I went for the curly hair swept to the side look for this I used my Herstyler curling wand which is absolutely amazing, a definite must buy, this combined with about 30 hair slides completed my look for the evening.

For my makeup I went for something quite simple, nothing too fancy! On the eyes I mixed the two darkest shades of my Barry M Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette together to create a smoky eye effect, I then used Bourjous liquid eyeliner and topped it off with some Ted Baker eyelashes. As I am not a lip stick or lipgloss person I just used Body Shops raspberry lip balm to give my lips a hint of colour and moisture.

For my outfit I went for a Lipsy dress, they are by far my favourite brand when it comes to dresses! I wore a black Lipsy dress for last years party and it fitted perfectly! This year I thought I'd have a bit of colour and went for a deep blue with black lace round the neck. I was so stuck for what footwear to go with this dress however good old New Look had just the pair of heels for me, unfortunately I never last long in heels and always take them off after an hour or so! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my post, and I will ensure they are more frequent in future! X