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Good Evening All,

This isn't going to be a long post, very short and sweet. I just had to share with you all the absolutely fantastic Ombre colour that my hairdresser just did for me. I'm so happy! I've had my hair so many awful colours, its naturally very dark but I fancied a change. I've had Ombre before and it ended up ginger so was slightly nervous about having it done again. However I have a new hairdresser now and I'm so impressed! I also love how she's given it the natural wave look which she so professionally achieved with a pair of GHD's. 

What do you think?


Urban Fudge Sea Salt Spray

I am one of those people that has dead straight, lifeless and lacking volume hair which I'm told I should be thankful for as tons of people would love to have hair like me. There I was looking for something that could liven up my hair, I always see pictures of these women with the lovely messy beach hair look, I was on a mission to get mine to look the same! There I was having a pre holiday product shop when I came across Urban Fudge Sea Salt Spray in Superdrug and thought I'd give it a go. I have vowed never to take my straighteners on holiday with me as the sun and sea create enough damage without me singeing it every evening! This product is just perfect to take on holiday to give your hair some life in the evenings, it created the exact look I was going for and the tropical coconut scent leaves your hair smelling divine! You don't need to use too much of this product, just 2-3 sprays near the ends of towel dried hair and scrunch it up a few times, or sometimes I even put my hair in a bun and leave it for a few minutes then take it down which creates more defined waves. I like the fact that this product doesn't leave your hair feeling stiff like mousse does.

Hope you all like this product as much as me!


My thoughts on Sunday evenings..

Does anyone else strongly dislike Sunday evenings? Or is it just me having a pointless moan? .. For most people (okay - pretty much everyone) its 'hangover/recovering' day, however as I don't drink often I just find my Sunday evenings to be incredibly boring with the thoughts of Monday morning lingering in the back of my mind. I always find Sunday evenings draaaag like crazy, I end up spending hours in bed just staring at my laptop or wondering how and why my weekend has disappeared so quickly. Sunday's evenings I guess just have one purpose really, and that purpose is pampering. There is nothing better than putting your pyjamas (embarrassing piglet ones today) on and whacking out a face-mask and just generally having some 'me' time, as winter is coming I find it is becoming more acceptable to just hibernate in my bed for hours on end. Since I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon my Sunday evenings seem to consist of endless scrolling through Bloglovin to see what everyone has been up too, constantly re-tweeting companies on Twitter in the hope of winning a new beauty product to try out, unfortunately I have to admit I am still yet to succeed in winning anything. (I am sure some of my fellow bloggers can relate to the last two!) I guess that's the end of my little Sunday evening rant .. just a quick question though.

How do you all spend your Sunday evenings?

Night All


My Favourite Dry Shampoo

I'm sure we can all admit we have had those days where washing your hair is just too much effort. There is only one solution on days like this : Dry Shampoo. I have tried a variety of different dry shampoos from Bastiste to Aussies dry shampoo, but there is only one winner and that is Lee Staffords Original Dry Shampoo. It is a lot less heavy than ones I have previously used, your hair feels fresh and revitalised. One common thing I find with dry shampoos is that it makes your hair feel powdery and heavy, Lee Staffords one does the complete opposite, it leaves it feeling non-greasy and light. It is especially good if you are going away for the weekend and can't be bothered with the hassle of taking shampoo, conditioner and a hair dryer, just one small can works absolute wonders! Another use could have especially for you pre-work gym goers its too keep the hair looking fresh post workout without having to spend ages washing and taming it before work. (Not brave enough for pre-work gym sessions!) This product can be purchased in most drug stores or online beauty stores.


My Everyday Make Up Bag

Today's blog is a brief little talk through each delightful item I currently have in my everyday makeup bag, by this I mean the makeup selection that pretty much follows me everywhere. My makeup collection is way vaster than this however these are the items that I use daily or when I'm on the move. 

So lets begin .. 

Clinique Pore Refining Instant Perfecting Foundation (shade Ivory) - I have recently started using this product, prior to this I was loyal to Clinique Anti- Blemish Solutions. This is a very light-weight easy to apply foundation. Even though it is moderate coverage I find it covers all blemishes and imperfections without any trouble. Another thing I love about this product is that its oil-free. I used to find at about 2pm every working day I'd look in the mirror and my T Zone would be developing a nice shine to it, however since using this foundation the shiny face issue has been minimal. 100% recommend.

Bourjous Healthy Balance Powder (shade 53 Light Beige) - I really struggle to find powders that are the right colour for my skin, they are always too orange or too pale, however this powder is a perfect match for my skin colour. Not only is the colour match amazing but the powder itself is light and easy to apply, its sets fantastically both over foundation or when applied straight onto the skin after primer and doesn't create that horrible cakey effect that you get with some powders. 

Bourjous Little Round Pot Blusher (shade Lovestruck Rose 15) - I absolutely love this little blusher. I don't tend to wear blusher very often but when I do I am always sure to use this. It blends well with powder to create a natural look, all of the shades are natural colours too, no horrible bright pinks or reds that give you the doll look when applied. Another benefit is that this product also comes with a small brush and a mirror. 

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara (shade Black) - One word. Wow. I was again recommended this product by my friend Sarah (check out her blog - and I would recommend this mascara to anyone! Out of all my beauty products mascara is the one item that I cannot go without wearing, I feel naked without mascara on. The mascara has a great application brush, very easy to apply, gives great volume and isn't clumpy, I think this may be due to the argan oil in the mascara, as far as I was aware this was only used for your hair/skin however it clearly works wonders for your eyelashes too. 

The other 3 items you can see in the picture do not require a long description as they all do their jobs as described. Please refer to one of my previous blogs for the review on Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. The other two items are Marks & Spencers African Shea Butter Lip Balm in Vibrant Cherry which smells divine and keeps lips moisturised for hours without feeling sticky. The other item is Rimmels Khol Kajal Eye Pencil (shade Sale Brown), this brilliant eye liner is very easy to apply, suitable for outlining both the upper and lower eyelids. It can be blended to create a smokey effect or just left to define the eye. This is the only pencil eyeliner I trust to do the job!

Salcura Antiac Acne Clearing Spray

I have been ordering this little beauty for some time now. I'm sure we have all from time to time had to endure the dreaded spot break outs. This spray is an absolute god send. It was voted the best acne clearing product by Channel 4's popular programme Embarrassing Bodies which is where I got the idea to purchase this. I tend to use this product every other evening before bed using cotton wool pads to apply and make sure that the problem areas are covered. It is a chemical free product so would definitely recommend to anyone who avoids using products with harsh chemicals in. I haven't yet seen this product in any high street stores  (they are really missing out) however it can be purchased online from Feel Unique. As I'm sure you can tell from my previous posts Feel Unique have pretty much stocked my whole beauty product collection.

I hope you all take my advice and purchase this, you wont be disappointed!


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I had never used a primer of any sort until I tried this. Thought I would give the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser a go, at £7.99 it was an absolute steal. This product does exactly what it says in the title, erases pores like never before. It has a smooth creamy consistency which can be spread easily and evenly over the face. I usually leave this on for 2-3 minutes before applying my foundation just so it has time to set slightly. Applying foundation has never been so simple, the primer creates a even base so that foundation glides over the top and doesn't build up in problem areas on the face. Since I have started using this product I have found my foundation lasts longer, doesn't become as shiny throughout the day and keeps my skin feeling silky. Maybelline really have hit the nail on the head with this product.

Will definitely be buying this product again, can't imagine life without it!



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Super Facialist Scrub by Una Brennan

There I was hunting around Boots for a new face scrub, then I spotted this. Believe me when I say I have probably tried about 20 different face scrubs and couldn't find one that I liked .. that was until I discovered this. The Super Facialist Tea Flower Purify & Refresh Scrub by Una Brennan is one of a kind. It has a creamy texture, not too coarse like many previous facial scrubs I have used that make your face feel dry and sensitive. Its enriched with a micro bead formula that gently cleanses and purifies your skin whilst keep it hydrated, the Salicylic acid works its magic and helps to diminish any of those irritating blemishes. I would recommend this product for anyone with combination skin as I myself suffer with a combination of dry & oily skin and find that this scrub helps to keep the balance just right. In comparison to many of the expensive skin care products present in shops today this is very reasonably priced and retails at £8.99 and can be purchased at most Boots stores.

I encourage you all to visit your nearest Boots and purchase this product!



Where do I start? GLAMGLOW Super Mud is without doubt the best skin care product I have ever purchased. I was recommended this product by my friend Sarah ( I was slightly hesitant at first as this product does come at a hefty price of £40, but I can assure you that it is worth every penny. As I occasionally tend to suffer with the odd spot or two I thought this product would be the best choice as it has hundreds of glowing reviews on Feel Unique as an acne/problem skin treatment. 

The reviews didn't quite highlight what a truly well formulated product this is.  I applied the face mask and let it work its magic for 15 minutes, then proceeded to wash off with warm water. After the first use I could already see a massive difference. The spots had lost their red tones, my skin was smooth and hydrated and the blackheads that used to cover my nose had completely disappeared. 

This product has two uses, it can be used as a full face mask or alternatively as a targeted spot treatment. It provides 17 full face applications or 1,000 spot treatments. I have used it as both and can safely say that it does its job just as described. I would recommend this product to anyone with problem skin or anyone who just wants pore-less smooth skin. GLAMGLOW recommend that this product is used 2-3 times a week or as often as needed.

I hope you all take my advice and purchase this fantastic product!


Fushi Really Good Hair Oil

Another of my most recent purchases was Fushi Really Good Hair Oil from Feel Unique, after reading the reviews I decided to take a gamble and try it out. It was only £16 which I felt was very reasonable in comparison to many of the expensive hair oils currently on the market, many of which I have tried and they have failed me and my hair. However this Fushi oil is something different. One word. AMAZING. This stuff really brings your hair to life, my hair was limp and dry prior to trying this product, but even after one use you can 100% see and feel a difference in your hair. It contains Argan, Indian Jasmine & Coconut oils which deeply condition your hair and another bonus is it smells divine. For best results with this product I would recommend massaging into the roots and through to the ends, wrapping in a towel and leaving over night so that the oil works its way into your hair. I can assure you when you wash it out the next morning you will feel like a different person! I hope you all find this product as spectacular as I did.


Label M Protein Spray - Amazing!

I was recommended this product by my hairdresser the last time I had a haircut as my hair was quite dry and I will admit that I have a fair few (okay a lot) of split ends from over straightening.. so thought I would give it a try. I must say this is definitely one of the best hair products I have used, I usually tend to spray it on just after I have washed my hair and brush through. It smells amazing and makes your hair just generally feel a lot healthier. Its main purpose is for SPF protection so this product is a must buy if you are planning a holiday in the near future and want to ensure your hair is protected from the sun. This is the first time I have used this spray and its safe to say I will definitely be buying it again. 

This product can be purchased from many beauty websites such as Look-fantastic, Toni & Guy also sell this range in all of their salons too.



Hi All,

My name is Natalie French, I am 21 years old from Buckinghamshire, UK. I have a full time job as an Accounts Administrator. I have decided to start writing a blog in my spare time as I desperately need a new hobby and thought it would be a good opportunity to review some of the many beauty products and also clothes that I have recently purchased.

I hope to try and post something once a week but please bare with me as I am new to this so may take me a while to work out what i'm doing!